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"Freedom Lives" The Military Show will be unlike any other TV series on local cable access television.  Each show will have the quality of a well designed factual docudrama program.  In addition to its potential scenarios, "Freedom Lives" goes behind the scenes of what makes a soldier, an airman, Marine or Navy Seal.  Kaltenbach Productions and Tutt Media will be partnering to broadcast an entertaining and informative TV program to the central and  the lower eastern shores of North Carolina and beyond! The area is known to have more military per square mile than anywhere else in the world.
The show in it's embryonic stage will feature an overview of the Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Army and will eventually branch out to the specifics within the forces. It will have a local feel but have a cinematic flare guerilla-shooting style. The first of the pilot shows will have an array of military life and a variety of activities that take you through training. ​​

With this type of programming one thing is sure,  that the creative and innovative mind of David Kaltenbach will not run dry of visual content and awe-inspiring stories.
Kaltenbach Productions works in coordination with a team of skilled artists that put focus and energy into creating productions tailored to each TV program's vision.  From content creation to acquisition to delivery... to the end solution, the screen. 
Kaltenbach Productions' approach to each project is unique among the methods of publicity / advertising  and in many ways breaks several boundaries in the genre. The treatment of each subject is one that could be more accurately described as a documentary that educates as well as entertains the viewer - inevitably if you watch one of Kaltenbach productions,  it's certain you will walk away with something new.

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"Freedom Lives" Kaltenbach & Tutt present our first show of the season. Featurettes are as follows: Wings Over Wayne Air Show, Kayak for the Warriors, Pearl Harbor Re-enactment and an interview with Vietnam War photographer John Malcom Taws.

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Show #2: Our episode for this month travels to a Coast Guard Open House in Barnegat Light, New Jersey. The show also takes you into Tripoint Fitness's Boot Camp where former Marine Otis Stephens puts a beaten on your body to get you in shape. We return to Barnegat Light and capture the rising of the Karen L. 

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Show #3: Each year the Chamber of Commerce's Military Affairs Committee host a "Military Fun Day." This day included traveling out to Cape Lookout from Harkers Island and then enjoying a fabulous lunch at the Core Waterfowl Museum. We then revisit the past and look at the Huey, the Vietnam helicopter. Wrapping up the show is a short on oyster shellplanting. Hosted by David Kaltenbach

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Show #4: A conversation with author Thomas Gill, Ret. Air Force. Tom discusses being part of a team that transitions Marine back into society. Also screening, an exhibit of photos shot from the eyes of our military in Afghanistan.

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