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As an artist, punctuated by extensive world travel and location filming, David brings an eclectic background to the film world. Over 25 years ago the metamorphosis from an accomplished watercolorist to filmmaker was a natural transition that led to the creation of travelogues of Barbados, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Caribbean & England.  Documentaries, short movies and local cable TV programming keeps the  imagination flowing.   As an entrepreneur with creative vision,  Kaltenbach has always invested into cutting edge ideas.  

" Have camera will travel..."  journeying out to sea filming or traveling the world with the camera and surfboard,  it has been ingrained in his biological make-up.


continuing to build this page with adventure

Chambered Nautilus


"Argonauta pompilius" 
After a long day of surfing the north shore of Hawaii, painting was one way to calm down after the agro-mentality out in the water. I collected shells at Honolulu's great flea markets. Brought them home to concentrate on their anatomy and play with matching their exact colors.



The famous "Bomba's Shack" of Tortola. On each surf trip I would carry my watercolor block and watercolors. After surf sessions I'd sit, doodle and experiment. In the lower left hand corner and on the sea I sprinkled salt thus attaining that mottled look.



Behind every painting there is a backstory. This story always stuck in my mind. As I was painting this house the owner walked up to see what I was drawing. He had been a Wall Street banker until his doctor told him he had cancer and was going to die from the stress of his job. He was given 9 months to live. He moaned to his doctor and wanted to return to Barbados to be at his home. The doctor had never heard of Barbados. The Wall Streeter gave him the keys to his island oasis and said go and visit my island.
The doctor returned in two weeks and chose to drive out to Long Island from Manhattan to return the keys. The doctor's advice was to quit  the craziness of Wall Street and to live in Barbados. 11 years later this banker was telling me his story.

palm tree


A simple study of the beautiful palm tree at Heywoods along the northern west coast. Sitting on the beach, I took my time applying and building up the color of verde and hues of blue.

the smell of the Caribe


"Room with a View"
The whispering arms of Mother Barbados. In the morning sipping coffee and during sunset drinking rum, behold, a sight you'd never tire of.