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Expert witness and consultant of complete video / multimedia production of evidentiary records, depositions and construction of story timelines through visual motion imaging.

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Improve your case with photographic documentation and compelling video

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An in-depth visual artist, David Kaltenbach has been directing and producing TV programs, documentaries, and creating narratives for commentary which have spanned over 30 years. His film projects have been featured in film festivals, marine expo conferences, college classroom studies, state legislature departments, Congress and have been submitted to the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Specifically, Mr. Kaltenbach is qualified to conduct aerial drone, terrestrial and maritime photography, videography, visibility studies, the preparation and evaluation of demonstrative evidence through video, produce and direct film re-enactments and artistically prepare presentation for trial court exhibits.

Legal Video Services

  • Video Depositions
  • Video Statements
  • Video Mediations
  • Mock Trials
  • Re-enactments
  • Day In The Life/Settlement Brochures
  • Location Shoots
  • Site Inspections
  • Courtroom Presentation/Video Playback
  • Video Conversion To Any Format
  • Video Editing 

As professional videographers experienced in broadcast quality equipment and well versed in digital technology, the team of Kaltenbach Legal Video is fully aware of detail  and the importance of getting  it right. 

Video Deposition

Creating meaningful and effective deposition videos.  Our importance of leveraging the most current technology and using video editing techniques makes an impact.

Service package includes:

-Videographer on site an hour prior to the scheduled start time. 

- Individual lavalier microphones are provided for the deponent, examining attorney and opposing    counsel to ensure the highest quality sound recording.

-Additional lighting in situations where normal room lighting is not sufficient. 

-Neutral backdrop to eliminate distracting backgrounds.

Trial Exhibits and Presentation Services

Improve your case!

A well-planned and expertly presented exhibit can leave a lasting impression. When preparing exhibits for court, Kaltenbach Legal uses technology to focus the attention of the judge and jury with dynamic exhibits created with proven design techniques.

Dynamic ways to bring exhibits to life in the courtroom:

  • Graphs
  • Charts
  • Photos
  • Maps
  • Timelines
  • Illustrations
  • Videos

From trial boards to 2D and 3D courtroom animation, the team of artist at Kaltenbach Legal  helps support your case by providing powerful, sophisticated tools that create compelling imagery.

Our legal support professionals will work closely with you to create and prepare visual trial graphics and other trial exhibits designed to complement, and enhance, your case strategy.

Legal Settlement Documentary For Mediation and Trial Evidentiary Issues

Environmental & Maritime

With years of experience of being in and on the water, Mr. Kaltenbach brings an eclectic talent  for research, acquisition and development. Having a degree in marine biology, his eye for detail in the sciences captures the imagination and is able to put that vision onto the screen. The experience David has acquired for working as an independent producer in the commercial seafood production field for over 20 years is astounding. His ability to work with the politician, the fishermen and the research scientist opened an avenue to create narrative documentaries which have been featured  in Congress, educational institutes, film festivals, broadcast, marine expos and submitted to NOAA. Anything pertaining to the water, Kaltenbach Legal Video creates in-depth studies that will back your case with great insight and revelation.