Filmmaker for the Fishermen

HD Video Production of the Commercial Seafood Fishing Industry.

Kaltenbach is among those who are looking to bring the fishing industry to the forefront through film productions, distribution and marketing, innovative dynamic public relations and strategic planning.


Coming soon " The Fisherman - a Day in the Life" documentary


Visit Viking Village in Barnegat Light, New Jersey. An active experience at a seafood production dock with boats coming in & going out to sea, , tuna being graded, dock tours in progress and and educational seafood cooking show being conducted by excellent chefs.

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Hookin'&Cookin' Seafood Show


Great Chefs . Fine Seafood . Recipes 
From the sea to the frying pan. Enjoy watching the pros in action. Featuring chefs who visit Barnegat Light's Viking Village Dock and pick out some of the finest fresh seafood available on the east coast.  Over 15 videos to watch and learn.

Fish for Tomorrow

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Documentary promoting sustainable fisheries and responsible fishing. 
Viking Village has been very supportive and proactive with the cooperative research program in order to ensure "FISH for the FUTURE." 

"Yesterday's Fish Today's Challenges"

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A documentary investigating the historical timeline of the commercial fishing industry on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. We welcome you to visit our trailers. Presented by Viking Village and Kaltenbach Productions. 

Viking Village Seafood Dock

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The port of Viking Village on the northern tip of Long Beach Island, Barnegat Light, New Jersey.   With over 40 commercial fishing boats the seafood production dock is known for their high quality of net fish and the excellent "wild Atlantic sea scallop." 

Honolulu Seafood Auction

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The Honolulu Fish Auction is the anchor of the Commercial Fishing Village on Pier 38. It's the only fish auction between Tokyo and Maine. In fact, it's the only fresh tuna auction of its kind in the United States. Fishing boats tie up and unload their catch just a few feet from this modern, state-of-the-art facility.

Lund's Fishery


Consider the Source! Products from Lund's Fisheries are among the finest, freshest and cleanest seafood and fish products available in todays world market. Worldwide distribution of the finest fish and seafood products fresh from the sea.

The Oyster Restoration Program

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The most effective method to increase oyster production is to plant clean shell ( also known as cultch ) at the appropriate time to provide a clean surface for setting larvae.

National Aquaculture Association

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To provide a unified national voice for aquaculture that ensures its sustainability,
protects its profitability, and encourages its development in an environmentally responsible manner.

Maryland Waterman's Association


42nd Annual East Coast Commercial Fishermen's & Aquaculture Trade Exposition

Garden State Commercial Seafood Industry Award


To recognize individuals and/or entities that exhibit outstanding professionalism and commitment to promote the health, success, and sustainability of New Jersey's commercial seafood industry through diligence and innovation.

Blue Water Fishermen's Assn.

bluefin, tuna

Filmmaker David Kaltenbach traveled on behalf of Blue Water Fishermen’s Association along the Eastern seaboard, from Gloucester MA to Beaufort, NC interviewing longline fishermen. With a common thread interwoven amongst them, they commented on bluefin tuna and the issues that would arise if the longline industry was shut down after their small bluefin quota was met. 

Sea Stories

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During my interim of going out to sea and filming for the fishermen, I have always asked the individual to speak to me about the most harrowing experience while on the ocean. 

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